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Life and Health Insurance - Savings products

Life and Health Insurance

Universal Life Insurance

Life Saver
A 2-in-1 solution! Ensure that your loved ones are well-protected in the event of your death and grow your tax-sheltered savings.
See our leaflet (PDF – 6 pages)

Permanent Life Insurance

100% Pure Protection
Opt for complete coverage at a lower cost than term life insurance.
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100% Pure Evolvement
Benefit from permanent protection with premium rates that are guaranteed for life and reduced for the first 10 years of your contract.
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Simplified Advantage
Are you between the ages of 40 and 80? Choose an insurance that covers you for your whole life! Enrolment is quick and easy, and you don't need to have a medical exam or blood test.
See our leaflet (PDF – 6 pages)

Are you between age 18 and 80 inclusive? No medical exam is required to take out coverage. Simply answer 4 eligibility questions.
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Term Life Insurance

20.10 Protection
With 20.10 Protection, you'll be covered for 20 years, with the possibility of terminating your contract after 10 years.
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The Provider, monthly income for your loved ones
Leave your loved ones guaranteed, non-taxable monthly income rather than a lump-sum inheritance. Help your family manage the budget after you are gone.
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Credit Protection (Loan) Insurance
Protect your investment in the event of death, critical illness or disability (personal lines of credit, mortgage loans and lines of credit, personal loans, commercial mortgage loans, farm loans, car leasing).
See our leaflet (PDF – 6 pages)

The Family Plan
The Family Plan provides multiple coverage and protects you and your loved ones in the event of death, critical illness and accidental fracture, under a single contract.
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Rent Insurance
Did you know that, as a tenant, you can get insurance to protect your capacity to pay your rent and receive fixed, monthly non-taxable income in the event of disability or death?
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Critical Illness Insurance

Simplified Second Chance Insurance (covers 6 illnesses, surgeries and conditions)
See our leaflet (PDF – 8 pages)

Extended Second Chance Insurance (covers 25 illnesses, surgeries and conditions)
See our leaflet (PDF – 8 pages)

Second Chance for Children Insurance (covers 27 illnesses, surgeries and conditions from the time your child is 30 days old)
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Long Term Care Insurance

Maintain your dignity without incurring financial loss by receiving a non-taxable monthly benefit in the event of loss of autonomy.
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Savings products

We offer a comprehensive range of quality products to help you to meet your goals, whatever they may be.

Guaranteed Investment Certificates (GICs)

Benefit from competitive returns with fixed or variable-rate GICs.

Tax-Free Savings Account (TFSA)

Build your savings without being taxed on your investment income.

Investment Accounts

Take advantage of the returns offered by a market index, mutual fund or mutual fund portfolio.
See our leaflet (PDF - 1 page)

Education Savings (RESP)

Finance your child's post-secondary education and take advantage of tax benefits.

Retirement Savings (RRSP)

Build your tax-sheltered retirement savings.

Deferred Life Annuity (LifeAnew)

Enjoy the advantages of an RRSP and retirement income that's 100% guaranteed for life.
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Retirement Income (RRIF and Annuities)

Maximize your retirement income with our extensive line of products.
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Products offered are those of La Capitale Insurance and Financial Services, an affiliate of La Capitale Financial Security.

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