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Protect your income with disability insurance

Personal Disability Insurance - Simplified Solutions for a Secure Future

Your income is the financial block that supports all your other assets – your home, your vehicle and your day-to-day expenses all depend on you earning an income. If you suffer a disability and are unable to work, your income block could crumble. How would you replace your income?

What options do you have to replace your income, if a disabling accident or sickness strikes?

Savings If you save 5% of your income each year - 6 months of total disability could wipe out 10 years of savings.
Get a Loan Borrowing money from a financial institution if you are disabled with no income may be difficult.
Borrow against your home Is putting your home at risk something you really want to do?
Spouse earns an income Will one income meet all of your financial needs, when two were necessary in the past? Will your spouse need to stay home and look after you?
Liquidate Assets or use your RRSPs

Can you get a fair market price when you are forced to liquidate quickly?  If you use up your RRSPs, what will you do when you retire? And remember, tax will be deducted at the source for RRSPs and amounts withdrawn cannot be replaced.*

*Tax laws are subject to change


Disability Insurance Protects your income and all those things your income supports. It gives you choices!

La Capitale Financial Security’s proven personal Disability Insurance plan

Instead of letting a disability jeopardize your financial future, let me help you put into place a customized personal Disability Insurance plan that provides you and your family with the security you deserve. Does it make sense to risk your home, vehicle, business, investments and more, when a La Capitale Financial Security personal Disability Insurance plan, can protect your income and financial future?

And with our Return of Premium option, you can receive 100% of your premiums back, minus any claims1. Thousands of our policyholders are receiving their Return of Premium cheques every year. Ask me how you can add this outstanding option to a valuable personal Disability Insurance plan.

1 Some restrictions apply. Policy service premiums, rider service premiums and any fees charged with regard to a method of payment option will not be reimbursed.

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